Super Iso-Finishing


•  Medical Implants and Devices
•  Dental and Orthodontic Parts
•  Aerospace Engine Components
•  Aerospace Airframe and Structural Components
•  Automotive Engine and Powertrain Components (Isotropic Finishing)
•  High-Performance Motorsports and Powertrain (Isofinishing)
•  Motorcycle engine and powertrain
•  Machine Tooling,
•  Metal 3D Printed Parts
•  Plastic 3D Printed Parts
•  Injection Moldings and Machined Plastics
•  Springs
•  Acrylic and Acetate Polishing........

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Centre of Micro/Nano Manufacturing Technology (MNMT-Dublin)
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

D04 V1W8