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6th International Conference on Polymer Replication on the Nanoscale


University College Dublin

9-10 May 2019

Conference on polymer replication on the nanoscale


Prof. Fengzhou Fang in PRN2019

The 6th International Conference on polymer replication on the nanoscale (PRN2019) was successfully held in Dublin by the UCD Centre of Micro/Nano Manufacturing Technology (MNMT-Dublin) during 9-10 May 2019.  

This year, we have 9 invited presentations, 15 oral presentations, 10 poster presentations. Overall we have 29 abstracts submitted. We have overall more than 60 participates including 8 volunteers from MNMT-Dublin. 

Our program covers precision/ultra-precision machining of moulds, micro/nano fabrication of moulds, polymer micro/nano replication, polymer additive manufacturing, and applications in microfluidics, medical devices, and optics. I wish you enjoy all the talks and find them useful. 

















The conference addressed issues in large scale replication of micro- and nanostructures in polymer materials including:

  • Manufacturing of structured moulds, inserts or shims for polymer replication

  • Industrial replication technologies, injection moulding, roll-to-roll techniques and other innovative processes

  • Materials for replication of polymer micro- and nanostructures

  • Applications for functional micro- and nanostructured polymer surfaces

  • Metrology and characterisation of micro- and nanostructured polymer surfaces

  • Simulation and computing of different phenomena in micro- and nanoscale replication



























The Polymer Replication on Nanoscale (PRN) conference series has been held previously in Denmark, Switzerland and Germany and is established as an important international forum for leading experts to exchange latest developments, research findings and future vision for polymer micro/nano manufacturing and its applications.



























The PRN 2019 invited speakers are

  • Fengzhou Fang

  • Helmut Schift

  • Jens Ducree

  • Shoufeng Yang

  • Per Magnus Kristiansen

  • Michael Gilchrist

  • Dmitry Kashanin

  • Xichun Luo

  • Conor O’Mahon


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Dr. Conor O’Mahony fromTyndall National Institute, Cork, Ireland

Dr. Nan Zhang from MiNan Technologies, Dublin, Ireland

Prof. Dr. Per Magnus Kristiansen

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