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3rd ISNM Summer School

Tianjin, China

10-15 July , 2017

3rd ISNM Summer School 

The 3rd Summer School, organized by the International Society for Nanomanufacturing (ISNM), was successfully held in Tianjin, China, from July 10–15, 2017. This activity was co-organized by the Tianjin University, University College of Dublin, and the Tianjin Association for Science & Technology. The opening address was delivered by Prof. Fengzhou Fang, the Founding President of ISNM.

























More than 40 domestic and overseas participants, including post-doctors, doctoral candidates, and engineers from academia and industry of the field of manufacturing and measurement, attended the ISNM Summer School. Seven outstanding professors and scientists were invited to discuss with participants on the development and pioneering research in the field of manufacturing. The professors included Prof. Paul Shore, the head of engineering divisions of the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, Prof. Kornel Ehmann from Northwestern University, and Prof. Kuangchao Fan from the National Taiwan University.





During the summer courses, the participants were excited to talk with worldwide leading scholars and were deeply impressed by their wonderful lectures and also their charming personality. Li Duo, a PhD student, from the University of Huddersfield, said that “attending summer school was a great experience; I gained a lot from the distinguished invited speakers, who addressed major related topics in ultra-precision engineering. Moreover, it was amazing to study along with young researchers from different universities. Summer school offers precious future career opportunities for potential cooperation with researchers in related fields.” Moreover, Guo Cheng, a PhD student, from Leuven University, said that “during this impressive summer program, I acquired not only practical knowledge but also knowledge of research methodology, which was invaluable to my own research. Extensive peer discussions inspired new ideas and facilitated relationship-building among the participants.” Wu Dongxu, a lecturer from Northeastern University stated that “this zero distance communication tells us that in order to do any research work, there must exist a spirit of dedication, diligence, concentration, and perseverance. Only in this way can we achieve remarkable results in our respective research fields. In addition, we should turn good ideas into practice and become products so as to gain knowledge extending beyond theoretical research,” .



The ISNM Summer School focuses on technical knowledge updates, progress introduction, and frontier exploration of short-term activities in the fields of manufacturing and measurement. The school provides an opportunity for graduate students, young researchers, and engineers to join in and share the latest information in relation to manufacturing. An exchange forum and practice was also held for the purpose of providing a platform for communication and discussion to promote manufacturing and measurement technology development and improve the quality of products. The ISNM Summer School is one of the leading academic activities in the manufacturing field, which has a great impact on the field of international manufacturing and measurement. 


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