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Terms of Use


To promote the art, science and practice of nanomanufacturing to diverse communities throughout the world the Society shall:


  • Create an effective platform for members to exchange ideas, discoveries and achievements.

  • Build up an effective communication network and environment for the dissemination and discussion of innovative ideas to promote technological development and evolution.

  • Publish journals, books and newsletters.


  • Encourage scientific and engineering research, tests, and other original work.


  • Support education, especially in developing countries, of nanoscience and nanotechnology in order to encourage future endeavors for pioneering research.


  • Confer awards and other honors in recognition of meritorious contributions to nanomanufacturing technology.

  • Maintain high technical and cultural standards for entrance to the Society.

  • Encourage the personal and professional development of young researchers and engineers.


  • Serve as a focal point for the cooperative efforts between academia, industry, and government in promoting nanomanufacturing technologies for the betterment of society;

  • Provide reliable and updated information on the development of nanomanufacturing technology;

  • Provide consultancy services to academia, industry and government.


B2.1 An applicant for admission to the Society in any grade shall make application to the Executive Board on an approved form.

B2.2 A proposal for promotion to Fellow must be initiated by a Fellow or Member of ISNM and supported by at least another three sponsors who must be Fellows or Members of ISNM. All sponsors must have an acceptable understanding of the Society's criteria and a sound basis for judgment.

B2.3 Advancement to the grade of Fellow shall be by a positive vote of two-thirds of the total number of ballots received from the Executive Board. A member of the Executive Board shall not be entitled to vote on his or her own nomination for Fellow.

B2.4 Applicants shall be assigned in accordance with the policy set by the Executive Board to the grades of membership to which their qualifications entitle them.

B2.5 An approved curriculum is one which leads to a degree in nanomanufacturing and related fields.

B2.6 A Student Member may participate in all the activities of the Society but shall not be permitted to vote at a Meeting of the Society or hold an elective office except in a student-oriented section where the student is a member.

B2.7 A Student Member shall not remain in this grade beyond the end of the calendar year of graduation or termination of enrollment as a student.

B2.8 The rights and privileges of every member shall be personal to the member and shall not be transferable except that each member shall be entitled to vote on any question at any Meeting of the Society either in person or by a proxy given to a member.

B2.9 Vote on matters which is conducted at a Meeting of the Society will be done in person or by proxy. A member may assign his or her vote to another member by proxy. The proxy must be signed and dated by the member giving it and shall be submitted to the Executive Board for verification of the right of the member to vote at the meeting for which the proxy is to be used.

B2.10 When a request is received for a member’s resignation, the Services staff will adjust the member’s record. Member resignations are reported in the demographic report issued yearly.

After a complaint or charge of unethical conduct based on the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws has been filed against a member, the member may resign with the stipulation that the Society will not accept any later application for renewed membership. Nevertheless, the Society will accept an application for renewed membership if the member has been cleared of all charges by the Executive Board under the established procedures of the Society.


B3.1 The amount of annual Membership Fee will be established by the Executive Board.

B3.2 The annual Membership Fee of any member may be remitted for any special reason by the Executive Board.

B3.3 The annual Membership Fee to be charged to the new member for the fiscal year remaining after the date of notification of approval shall be payable within 30 days after that date. The election process shall not be considered to be complete until receipt of this payment by the Society.

B3.4 The annual Membership Fee for each ensuing year shall be due and payable on or before October 1st.

B3.5 A statement for the annual fee shall be mailed to each member before October 1st each year. Notice of arrears shall be sent thereafter.

B3.6 Any member whose fees remain unpaid for a period of three months shall be stricken from the roll of membership of the Society.

B3.7 If, in the case of nonpayment of fees, the right to vote be questioned, the fiscal books of the Society shall be conclusive evidence.

B3.8 The Executive Board may restore to membership any person dropped from the rolls for nonpayment of fees if the fees have been paid.

B3.9 The Executive Board shall, from time to time, as seems necessary, establish the fees for a Student Member and the corresponding services rendered.


B4.1 Any member who has been found guilty of a charge of violating the Constitution or By Laws of the Society, may be expelled by the affirmative vote of seven members of the Executive Board after being given the opportunity to be heard.


B5.1 The Society and its individual members shall be governed by this Constitution and these By Laws and procedures established by the Executive Board, including any amendments that may be made from time to time.

B5.2 Every question which shall come before a meeting of the Society shall be decided by a majority of the votes cast, unless otherwise provided in the Constitution and By Laws, or by the laws of the United Kingdom.

B5.3 A Two-year Report shall be prepared before the regular meeting of the Society.

B5.4 The material included in the portion of the report covering the two years following the last regular meeting of Society shall show the following in appropriate detail:

a. A report by the President;

b. A listing of the Society Officers;

c. Summaries of major Society activities;

B5.5 The material included in the portion of the report covering the two years following the last regular meeting shall show the following in appropriate detail:

a. The number of Society members at the beginning of the first year and end of the second year and a statement of the place where the names and addresses of the members may be found;

b. The revenue or receipts of the Society both unrestricted and restricted to particular purposes, during the two years;

c. The expenses or disbursements of the Society for both general and restricted purposes during the two years.

B5.6 The financial information described in B4.1.3.3 b, and c shall be verified by the CEO, subject to completion of the audit by the outside auditors who are appointed by the Executive Board and ratified by the membership at the Meeting of the Society.

B5.7 At each regular Meeting of the Society, the Two-year Report, including the information described in B4.1.3.2 and B4.1.3.3, as verified according to B4.1.3.4, shall be presented by the CEO to the members assembled and made available to the membership. The Two-year Report shall be filed with the records of the Society, and either a copy or an abstract thereof entered in the minutes of the proceedings of that Meeting.

B5.8 Any Officer of the Society or member of the Society appointed or elected by Executive Board may be removed or suspended from such office or membership by the Executive Board for cause (which shall include, without limitation, violations of fiduciary duty, racial or other improper discrimination, sexual harassment and defamation).

Removal for cause by the Executive Board shall require an affirmative vote of seven members of the Executive Board.  Suspension for cause shall require the vote of a majority of the members of the affirmative present at the time of the vote, provided that a quorum is present.

Written notice shall be given to the person to be removed or suspended for cause as early as practicable and in any event at least five days before any action is to be taken by the affirmative.  The person to be removed or suspended for cause shall be given an opportunity to present a defense to the Executive Board.

B5.9 The members of the Executive Board are elected from the members of the Society who have reached at least the grade of Member.

If a vacancy occurs on the Executive Board after an elected member has been seated, the Executive Board shall fill the vacancy by appointment for the unexpired portion of the term.

B5.10 The President is elected by the Executive Board from its members.

If the vacancy in the Presidency occurs, the Executive Board shall elect a President to complete the unexpired portion of the presidential term.

B5.11 The Executive Director is appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Board from its members.

B5.12 An act of the Executive Board which shall have received the expressed or implied sanction of the membership at the following Meeting of the Society shall be deemed to be an act of the Society and cannot afterward be impeached by any member.

B5.13 Any action required or permitted to be taken by the Executive Board may be taken without a meeting if all members of the Board consent in writing to the adoption of a resolution authorizing the action. The resolution and the written consent thereto shall be filed with the minutes of the proceedings of the Board.


B6.1 The Officers shall perform the duties regularly or customarily attached to their offices under the laws of the United Kingdom, and such other duties as may be required of them by the Executive Board or the Constitution and By Laws.

B6.2 The President shall be the chief elected Officer of the Society.  He or she shall preside at all meetings of the Society and of the Executive Board, and shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as the Executive Board may from time to time prescribe.

If the President is unable to preside at any meeting of the Executive Board, the Board shall elect one of its members to be Chair of the meeting.

If the President is unable to preside at any Meeting of the Society, the Board shall elect one of its members to be Chair of the meeting.

The term of the President shall begin at the close of the first Meeting of the Society at a time designated by the Executive Board.

B6.3 The CEO shall be the chief operating Officer of the Society, and shall have such powers and perform such duties as the Executive Board may from time to time prescribe. The CEO shall have charge of all funds of the Society, shall endorse the same for deposit or collection when necessary and deposit the same to the credit of the Society in such banks or depositories as the Executive Board may authorize.  He or she may endorse all commercial documents requiring endorsements for or on behalf of the Society and may sign all receipts and vouchers for payments made to the Society. The CEO shall supervise, review and audit the activities of the Secretary in carrying out the assigned duties as generally are incident to the position of Secretary or as may be otherwise assigned to him or her by the President, CEO or the Executive Board.

B6.4 The Secretary shall have the responsibility for the records of the Society, and shall have such powers and perform such duties as the Executive Board may from time to time prescribe. He or she shall attend to the giving and serving of all notices of the Society.


B7.1 All funds received shall be directed to the office of CEO for proper recording and deposit in authorized bank accounts.

B7.2 All amounts fee from members and others shall be collected by the office of the CEO.

B7.3 Funds may be solicited from sources outside of the Society for the conduct of research.

B7.4 No gifts or bequests to the Society shall be accepted until they have been approved by the Executive Board.  Upon receipt, such gifts shall be invested and either the capital and/or the income shall be used for the specific purpose for which the gift was designated.

B7.5 All payments for expenditures shall be made by the office of the CEO upon proper authorization, in accordance with the budget adopted by the Executive Board.

B7.6 The CEO shall regularly report the financial position of the Society to Executive Board.

B7.7 Any contract or other obligation to pay money in the work of the Society shall be valid only when signed by the CEO.

B7.8 The accounts of the Society shall be audited annually by a certified public accountant appointed by the Executive Board.

B7.9 No part of net earnings of the organization shall inure to the benefit of any member, officer of the organization, or any private individual (except that reasonable compensation may be paid for the services rendered to or for the organization), and no member, officer of the organization or any private individual shall be entitled to share in the distribution of any of the organization’s assets on dissolution of the organization.

B7.10 In the event of dissolution, all of the remaining assets and property of the organization shall, after payment of necessary expenses thereof, be distributed to the members of the Society.


B8.1 Subject to the approval of the Executive Board, each sector shall have the power to establish its boards and committees.

B8.2 Each board or committee, as described in the By Laws, shall perform the duties prescribed therein, and those assigned to it by the sector to which it reports.

B8.3 The primary role of members of boards and committees will be to determine policies, develop programs, conduct studies, prepare reports, and advise the sector to which that board or committee reports on matters pertaining to specific assignments.

B8.4 A sector may terminate membership, other than ex officio membership, on any board or committee because of continued absence of the member.

B8.5 A member of a board or committee whose term of office has expired shall continue to serve until a successor has been elected or appointed unless the board or committee has been terminated.



B9.1 The Executive Board may appoint a member or members of the Society to represent it at meetings of societies of kindred aim or at public functions.  If time does not permit action by the Executive Board, such appointment may be made by the President.

B9.2 The Executive Board may appoint a member or members of the Society to represent the Society on committees organized by other societies, Government departments, or other groups.

B9.3 The Executive Board may appoint such a number of members of the Society to represent the Society on Boards of award of any joint activity recognized by the Executive Board, as may be required by the By-laws of those activities.

B9.4 Officers of the Society are authorized to represent the Society and the Executive Board to outside parties in announcing and communicating board-stated policy, positions and endorsements, and in announcing decisions and interpretations within any area(s) delegated to them by the Board.

B9.5 No officer or other member of the Society acting under B5.2.1 through B5.2.4 shall espouse, support or endorse any position on behalf of the Society, or otherwise bind the Society in any manner, except (a) in accordance with Society Policies; or (b) to the extent previously approved by the Executive Board.



B10.1 All meetings of the Society primarily for the presentation and discussion of technical papers shall be under the direction of the Executive Board.

B10.2 A notice of each Meeting shall be given by the President to each member either by written communication or other announcement.  If such notice is given personally or by mail it shall be given not less than 10 nor more than 50 days before the date of the meeting.

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