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Centre of Micro/Nano Manufacturing Technology (MNMT-Dublin)
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
University College Dublin
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ISNM Stands For NanoManufacturing

International Society for NanoManufacturing

ISNM is an international non-profit organization whose purpose is to advance nanomanufacturing technology to better serve the community. ISNM promotes technological innovation by encouraging collaboration and networking among peers, progressing education of nanotechnology on all levels of society, and publishing journals, books, and newsletters of the latest developments in nanomanufacturing.

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Upcoming Events


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3nd AET Symposium on SMART and ACSM Manufacturing

University College Dublin (UCD)
31st August 2020, Ireland

The 3nd AET Symposium on SMART and ACSM Manufacturing (AETS2020) is organized as a union of academic and industrial societies to promote network and collaborations.


It will be held in Dublin, the beautiful city of Ireland. We invite distinguished experts from both academia and industry to share their in-depth knowledge and insight addressing the smart manufacturing and atomic and close-to-atomic scale manufacturing (ACSM). Industrial exhibition will also be held on site to build a platform for network extension.

Training & Conference


May 2019, Dublin, Ireland
July 2018, London, UK
The 3rd ISNM Summer School
Auguest 2017, Tianjin, China


ISNM is a community of manufacturing professionals, educators and students who create the things that make the world a better place to live, work and play. Membership in ISNM gives you access to workforce training and certification, mentorship programs, jobs, the industry’s top publications and events, networking and more. Further your career and take advantage of these numerous opportunities by joining ISNM.