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nanoMan2018 Successfully Held in London

The 6th International Conference on Nanomanufacturing (nanoMan2018), organized by the International Society for Nanomanufacturing (ISNM), was successfully held at Brunel University London, UK on July 4th-6th, 2018.

nanoMan2018 in London

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More than 170 delegates from 15 countries attended the conference. The conference chairman, professor Fengzhou Fang gave a brief introduction about the development of nanoMan during the opening ceremony. There were five keynote speeches presented by leading experts from academia and industry. The conference ran 24 sessions with 114 oral presentations. 15 industrial exhibitors demonstrated their works and discussed their industrial research and development with delegates throughout the conference.

The topics consist of ultraprecision grinding and abrasive machining, ultraprecision and micro/nano machining, micro/nano processing using lasers, advanced materials and micro/nano manufacturing, design of high precision machines, vibration assisted machining, metrology measurement and characterization, process monitoring and quality control, micro/nano forming and injection molding, micro-featured surfaces, non-traditional processes for micro/nano manufacturing, digital design and manufacturing, modeling and simulation.

The nanoMan conference has become one of the leading international forums for experts to exchange their latest developments, research findings and visions in the field of manufacturing, and is the only global conference in nanomanufactuirng. It aims to bring together academia, research institutions and industries to promote the sharing of ideas and foster research & development collaborations in relevant areas. The conference is held every two years in different locations around the world: Singapore (nanoMan2008), Tianjin (nanoMan2010), Tokyo (nanoMan2012), Bremen (nanoMan2014), Macau (nanoMan2016), and London (nanoMan2018). The nanoMan2020 will be held in Xi’an, China.

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